Could This Trick be The End Of Personal Trainer?

Jul 4, 2017 AT 07:44 AM | BY GadgetScoring

Working out can be much easier, and actually cheaper than you imagine! No matter if you hit the gym for the first time or not, you might be thinking that you must hire a personal trainer to achieve the results you strive. In this case, you have to meet Katie, a girl who has developed her own training system. She is her own personal trainer! And you can become one too.

First of all, approach it as a project. What result do you seek? That will provide you with a measuring equivalent. Even if your goal is to stay fit, think of where and how much you want to improve. This will give you some shorter and longer term goals.

What Katie found out, is that having a personal trainer gives you a feeling of somebody watching, caring and motivating you. But she asks one simple question, why can’t you be your own motivator? The key is finding what works for you. Frankly, answer to yourself what keep you going and it will keep you going.

Last, but not least, make a schedule. Make sure to make realistic plans. If you aim too high, you might crack or simply injure yourself. Consult with a professional to make sure you cover your whole body and address the areas that need more attention.

When designing your workouts make sure you include an upper-body push (dumbbell or barbell bench press, overhead dumbbell press, single-arm press, push-up). Then you should include an upper-body pull (dumbbell or barbell row, pull-up, lat pull-down, cable row, body-weight row). Afterwards go for a lower-body exercise (deadlift, goblet squat, back squat, lunge, step-up). Once you are done go for a a core exercise (plank, side plank, stability-ball crunches, captain’s-chair leg raise) during each workout.

If you motivate yourself and if you design a work out that You like and enjoy, Katie says, you are stronger and better off than with any trainer. He or she cannot hold you from quitting. The only one you can is You!

And now, as Katie says, all you have to do is enter the gym. It is the hardest part of any workout.

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