Google Might Be Preparing a VR Headset to End All Headsets

May 22, 2017 AT 08:38 AM | BY GadgetScoring
(Photo credit: YouTube)
(Photo credit: YouTube)

The recent work Google has put into perfecting some VR accessibility issues and not just stick with their cheap VR alternatives like Google Cardboard (which is a great device, by the way, at least for what it is) is not meant to be fruitless.

Some of the more famous of Google’s attempts at work with VR include Project Tango, which used VR technology to map out physical space. There’s Daydream, of course. but Tango is set to be released in headsets.

The new technology has been referred to as a part of “immersive computing,” which basically means allowing computers to simulate the work patterns of an actual human brain.

Google is partnering up with the giants like Qualcomm, HTC and Lenovo to release commercially available products.

Currently, newest VR headset by Google is powered by Daydream, and is also using a system “WorldSense”, which allows for motion tracking through front-facing edge-detecting cameras.

In whole, if this is the future we’ve headed to, it could mean that in it, we might literally be able to walk inside a YouTube video. Which is exciting, to say the least.

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