Google’s New Daydream And The Upcoming Updates

Sep 15, 2017 AT 06:48 AM | BY GadgetScoring

google day dream

Google Daydream, as announced, is suppose to be receiving its first major update this year. The promise claims that the update will turn the Daydream’s interface towards becoming an equivalent to a fully functional operating system. The update, referred to as “Daydream Euphrates”, will be released to all phones that support Daydream.

This update is also the first step towards making the headsets that do not need any phone to function. Instead, they will keep the OS installed in them, thus making them a separate standalone device.

It will add an additional layer to the OS that will allow checking of the phone within the OS, in a separate popup, resulting in added immersion.

The update will also provide with more sharing options. This means easier production of images and videos as-well. What is promised is that the new feature will enable easy screen capturing and a lifestream functionality, therefore the user will be able to stream directly from their headset to a Chromecast system.

Actually, a separate Daydream-only version of Chrome is also being developed. What it will do is make it much easier to use all the gadgets like Google Cardboard, thus allowing to launch WebVR content alongside actual webpages.

A VR device-only browser is not something absolutely new — Oculus have already launched their own browser for Gear VR months ago.

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