How 59-year-old James Now Has a Full Mojo Like He’s 21 Again…

Jul 4, 2017 AT 07:42 AM | BY GadgetScoring

Aging is as difficult for men, as it is for women, only men do not talk about it. Now that’s a shame. Especially, when there is so much one can actually do about it!

James is a great and inspiring example for any man above 50. Let’s have a look at his amazing story!

As an 58 year old accountant’s from Cincinnati, his life was pretty much work. Sitting all day, working late and dedicating little attention to food and exercise, made him into a chubby fellow. To spice it up, he even developed a social anxiety, which made him absolutely miserable. Once you decline enough invites, people simply stop inviting you.

But that was until one completely routine Tuesday. As James said, I looked in the mirror and suddenly I realized how grey and ugly I have become. That made him so angry, how could he do this to him self? He knew he was better than this. Now what James did, that others fail, he did not start planning what and how he will change. Hi started changes immediately. We all do know them already, right? No planning. Action.

On his way to work, he simply thew out the pack of cigarettes he had in his pocket. Yes, in the exact spot he would stop to smoke on. Instead of smoking he quit. He took stairs to work instead of the elevator. James actually used his lunch break for good food, not the one from the venting machine in his office building. And again, he used the stairs.

After work James hit a sports shop and directly drove to the gym for a workout. That night was a first night in months he actually thought about going on a date. From there on, he only kept on going!

One change at a time, no postponing, no planning, that is the secret to James success. As he says, he felt like he was over 70 and that his life, especially his romantic life, was over. Only one day gave him enough strength and happiness to continue this new life style. Today, James jokes, he feels like if he is 21 again!

Are you ready for your new day?

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