Linksys vs BT: Comparing the Two

Sep 14, 2017 AT 13:49 PM | BY GadgetScoring

MEsh Wi-Fi has been on a significant rise, however the people who want to switch now it might seem that these is not much to analyse or compare before buying your own system. Therefore we have decided to make an analysis for you and compare these two for you. Here is what we found out when comparing Linksys Velop and BT Whole Home.

The Mesh Wi-Fi networks offer a basically completely seamless Wi-Fi networking solution. It beats the range of a typical router by miles. Naturally these are made for large residences, or rooms that are weirdly spaced out and far from each other.

Both, BT and Linksys offer companion apps that make the whole setup process a whole lot easier. What Linksys offers is a tai-band solution, while BT sticks to the good old dual-band — arguably the most of us actually never needed anything more than that.

Due to mesh systems being designed for actually large homes, BT beats Linksys in the price-effectiveness regard. You can get a Linksys model for roughly $400+ for a two-pack. One will cost you much more per unit, which makes buying one somewhat pointless.

Another criteria is the design, which is important, as this is something that will be placed in your home and rather visible. Linsys from the design part has done a better job as they offer a minimalistic white box, that does not attract too much attention, while BT has quite wide model which is rather difficult to place and frankly, does not look very attractive.

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