Samsung Note 8: What’s in Store?

Sep 15, 2017 AT 06:52 AM | BY GadgetScoring

Samsungo foto

This year is a challenge for Samsung, and these guys do have more to prove this year, arguably more than anytime before, considering the the situation with exploding Galaxy Note 7 series. It could have been the end to the whole Line of Note devices. However, a new leak is showing that they might be headed in the right direction, afterall.

China’s Weibo website provided a leak of the supposed Samsung Note 8. The biggest surprise so far is the dual-camera setup visible in the leaked screenshots. They are spaced out vertically with a LED flash under them. This shows that the display from the looks of it is going to be the same one as the one in the current Galaxy S8.

One thing clearly missing is the fingerprint scanner. It is not clear if it is gone for good or is it simply built-in in this model. It could also be missing in the WIP version, with the fingerprint scanner coming later on in in the development.

Furthermore, rumors claim that specifications for Galaxy Note 8 are a 6.3″ Super AMOLED QHD screen, 12 MP and 13 MP dual cameras in the rear, with 3x zoom, a larger battery than before (fingers crossed there wont be any explosions this time), and, as with all Note models, the S Pen.

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