Surface Pro Leak — Sad News for Tech-Heads

May 22, 2017 AT 08:39 AM | BY GadgetScoring
(Photo credit: Microsoft)
(Photo credit: Microsoft)

The infamous leaker Twitter account @evleaks just shared a new spicy preview. Or should we say — mild preview. A bulky bunch of photos have been shared revealing what seems to be a successor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The name of the machine has been shortened by dropping the number. It’s apparently launching first in Shanghai on May 23rd.

Not many new features could be found in the photos, at least on the outside of the machine, however, one major thing everyone’s eyes were drawn to was the apparent lack of USB-C port. This is shared by the previously announced Surface Laptop. Microsoft seems to have very little faith in the port, at least in this generation, which is weird, to say the least.

Microsoft Surface Laptop was also leaked, but the company representative made sure to promptly reveal it officially to kill the possibility of misheard features or lack thereof. It’s going to be a 13.5″ machine that is running the newly released Windows 10S variant.

The Laptop will share some things with the Surface Pro 4, such as fabric Alcantara keyboard. The option to upgrade from 10S to 10 Pro of Windows will also be available.

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